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A promising career as a footballer came to an end when Magnus Borg broke his neck in his teens due to a diving accident. The life of the physically active young man took a dramatic turn and developing his creative side in photo art 3d design and programming became a way to process the loss of a fully functioning body and give vent to a passionate creative joy.

Magnus has drawn, painted and constructed objects all his life and got his first camera at the age of 18.

He was born and raised in Lidköping and moved to Gothenburg at the age of 22. Most of his photographs depict life in and around his hometown and current home. Common motifs are landscapes, animals, nature, urban life, portraits, sports and motoring. His favorite subjects are cityscapes during the dark hours of the day where he captures architecture and landmarks with a slow shutter speed to take advantage of the natural light and the glow of lamps.

More recently, his artistic side has expressed itself in innovative abstract art.


Creator of the interactive 3D art website, one of the most popular raytracing sites of its time featuring historical artwork and classical music.

Published in the journal Sköna Hem autumn 2022

Invited to participate in the 2023 edition of the Nordic Art Guide where one of his pictures ended up in third place in a vote to adorn the cover

Inspired by:

The wonders of nature and the life around them. Some favorites are Miro, Kandinsky, Van Gogh and Vermeer. Most inspiring for Magnus is music, preferably at high volume! Then he can screen to open up the senses and let the creativity flow! "


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