Art Lottery

I need your help my friends! Contribute to my fight for specialist medical treatment and have a chance of  winning my latest Limited Edition artwork!

Lidköping by night trilogy 
60x40cm + 60x40cm + 60x60cm  acrylic
Limited Edition Artwork
free domestic delivery 
Art lottery 10 SEK/ticket
10 tickets/person maximum
10% will be donated to charity organizations

As a celebration to the beautiful town Lidköping where I grew up I present this night photography trilogy from the harbour where the river Lidan splits the town into the Old & New town. The artworks are signed and printed on premium art paper with a protective acrylic overlay.

To celebrate the new decennium and give more people a fair chance of owning a valuable piece of art I've decided to sell lottery tickets and let lady luck decide who will be the happy winner of my latest artwork.

Each ticket cost 10 SEK with a maximum 10 tickets/person. For every 50.000 SEK (Swedish Krona) collected, a lucky winner will receive a signed and numbered reprint of 'Lidköping by night' trilogy artworks with a certificate showing its authenticy and value.

Please help spreading the news and in doing so helping me with some urgent health issues that I must attend to. I'm struggling with massive amount of pain and decreasing muscle function because of a seriously messed up neck after too many accidents and surgical corrections and a vicious condition named syringomyeli. Further surgery is extremely dangerous even if I find the best specialists in the world but I'm forced to accept these risks to have a chance of beating the odds.


Whether I find the right surgeon or not the money will be very helpful in financing every day life and new photographic projects involving some long over due travelling to see more of this beautiful planet and capture my findings to share with you.  I just hope my body agrees with these plans too :)

As usual I will use 10% of the income to support charity organizations that fight for the survival of the planet and all its inhabitants well-being. Greta is doing a remarkable job and has done more in a year to awaken the world than has been achieved in the last 30 years and I share the same believes and concerns as she does and I hope my small contribution with your help and support will make a difference for us all.

©  by Magnus Borg