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Welcome to my world! Let's get to know each other :)

Please leave comments below and tell me what you like and dislike.

Did you buy something? Did the product live up to your expectations?


Are you a photographer? I love to view others work! Let's discuss the wonderful world of picture capturing. Your favorite lenses, cameras, motives.

Are you disabled like me and wonder how to get started? How to take photos as a quadriplegic? Share your own  techniques and equipment. Are you not disabled but curious about how life is as one? I believe in the importance of  spreading knowledge about life in general to get rid of prejudice and seeing other beings with an open mind.

For me sharing photos and thoughts is a way to keep my mind occupied and focused on other things than the severe pain and difficulties in every day living. A reason to keep going day by day. Plus listening to great music. And interacting with interesting engaged and intelligent beings. Of all kinds and races. 

Any income from purchased goods will have a huge impact on my possibilities to grow as a human being and photographer/artist. I have a great desire to see this world and its inhabitants survive the difficulties ahead and will donate 10% of my income to organizations that share my desire. We only have so much time in life and I believe we all need to do our part. Do you agree?

Leave comments in the language of your preference. Use google translate if needed. Ask me or each others for help.

Keep discussions interesting and respectful. Write only what you would say in person. Keep in mind that children under the age of 18 should feel safe to view and read. Like your own children. Or parents! Have fun :)

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