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fotokonst av konstnär fotograf Magnus Borg i Göteborg

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Illuminated 120*60cm canvas
Twenty print Limited Edition
2 to 3 weeks delivery
500 EUR

Now I'm taking visual art to the next level by adding lighting effects to enhance the viewing experience. Dim the lights at night and let these artworks amaze your senses!


Take the chance to have me watching your back with this unique canvas complete with remote controlled cord-free led lighting that lets you choose freely from white, red, green and blue combinations of light which can be dimmed or faded to cycle all colors automatically. Two extra lights included

Photo was captured shortly after eye surgery to treat cataract which explains the enlarged pupil and an opportunity to study the world wide open.


This artwork is numbered and signed and I handle each order in person to guarantee top quality. You can be one of twenty enlightened owners. Below are photographs of the Item on my studio-wall.

I will use 10% of the income to support organizations that work for our planet and its inhabitants survival. Your contribution is crucial and you will receive proof of your generosity.

fotokonst av konstnär fotograf Magnus Borg i Göteborg
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